I Fell Asleep On The Train

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Before I go on I must ask for your patience and excuse if you happen to see spelling mistakes or bad formatting, I am currently typing this on my mobile and to be honest, I don’t know where the hell I am…

I usually take the train ride home from my work, it’s a 20 minute ride from the station at work to my suburb.  Sydney City Rail, yes to any of you Sydneysider out there reading this, you know how its like lately, delays, cancellations. It happens on a regular basis that you get used to it. Anyway, today was not any different day, boarded my train and after passing by Central Station an announcement echoes through the carriage that there is a delay of at least 10 minutes going to the next station, they will have to stop for a while and wait for the other trains clear up. At this point, I decided to take a nap, luckily, even though the train is packed as always, I was able to secure my spot by the window and rest my head by the glass pane.

What must have felt like a 5 minute power nap, I snapped awake from my slumber and quickly composed my self not wanting to miss my stop. I checked my watch and it was 5.06 pm.

Hmm, must have been more than a 5 minute nap as I remember hearing the announcement around 4.50-ish. This then I also realized that the train is still stopped in the middle. Everyone looked bored out of their wits as I looked around, they seem to be so bored that they just decided to stare blankly frontwards. There must have been a serious cause of delay as looking out the window all I can see is fog. One of the trains we were waiting to leave the next station must have overheated something and started producing smoke which might be the cause if the fog. It’s getting really thicker now as it seems to be like seeping through inside our carriage as well. I still paid not too much attention to it as the fog/smoke doesn’t seem to cause any alarm. Well at least the other passengers don’t seem to be too worried about it.

I sat there staring at my phone waiting for it to load a gif I was looking at before taking a nap. The round indicator is still stuck halfway through.

That’s probably already a good half an hour staring at my phone, the window, the other passengers… That bloody gif is still stuck halfway… Checked my watch again… I can’t believe it…5.06pm. What the heck?

I checked the time on my phone and it also reads 5.06pm… something’s not right. Even the battery life for my phone is still 51% the same battery life it had before I boarded the train.

The others, are they still staring blankly frontwards? I tapped the shoulder of the guy sitting beside me. He didn’t even budge. I looked around, stood up a bit from my seat and only now I noticed something that sent shivers down to my spine… Every other passenger has only the white of their eyes… no pupils or irises. All those soulless eyes staring at the void…

What in the world is happening? Is this some kind of a prank? If this was one, this is one sick prank I don’t want to be a part of. I got up and left my seat and made my way towards the front part of the carriage I was in. I pushed the button that would open the two doors that would connect my carriage unto to the next one. Eerily,    it’s the same picture, these other passengers all stared blankly, unmoving. Emotionless.

I try to reason out of what’s happening here, but can’t. This just doesn’t make any sense! I am starting to panic a bit, I can feel fee beads of cold sweat trickle from the back of my neck. I decided to walk to the frontend most of the train, maybe I can find something sane there from all this madness.

As I soldiered on, the fog inside the train got thicker as I pressed onwards towards the front. But it didn’t seem to bother the others still…

Funny even, it also didn’t seem to bother me at all, this should have already caused me to cough  up if inhaled…

Then I heard a voice… coming from one of the carriages I just passed by… It’s a child’s voice… a little girl. She’s calling out to me.

“Hello! Hello! Mister can you hear me?” I backtracked to where the voice is coming from.

There she is. Seated near the doors and just like the rest of them, only the whites of her eyes.

“What are you doing here?” She asked.

What do you mean what I’m doing here? I’m a passenger just like you.” I replied.

“No you’re not supposed to be here. You’re different.”

“What do you mean different? How come? Are you also not like me? See? Everyone’s not moving and staring blankly to nowhere. Not to mention the creepy eyes, just like you…”

“I don’t have creepy eyes.” She angrily snaps back.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be mean to you. But can you help me out here? Where are we? What happened? Do you know?”

“No I don’t know either. But all I know is when HE comes you better hide.”

“Who’s HE?” I asked a bit puzzled.

“He looks after us, all of us here. He comes over every now and then and plays with me then goes away with one of them people with him.”

“Go where? Who is this man? Why doesn’t he take you instead? Can I be next?”

At this point that seem to have triggered something on the little girl and got agitated.

“You need to go now! When HE sees you he won’t like it.” She shouted back at me.

There was this looming darkness that came out of her after saying that. I didn’t wait for the next scene or who this man she talked about.

I scrambled my way back to the very end of the train this time. I knocked frantically at the guard door to see if someone would answer but no one did.

I tried pressing the emergency release buttons to open the door.

Click. Oh my God. It actually opened, never would have thought that it would work.

I can feel that looming darkness getting closer. I pry opened the doors, looked out, can’t see anything beyond the fog. I was to choose between that looming darkness and this fog.

I jumped out of the train. I’ll take my chances with the fog.

I’ve been walking aimlessly now for what it feels like hours, I cannot see beyond what’s in front of me, endless fog. I don’t know where is this or the actual time, my watch and my phone is still stuck at 5.06pm. I should have never slept.

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