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Nooker prepared a variety of ways for every author to monetize on their masterpieces. Please click here to know more.

It is very easy to post a story in Nooker. Click here to post one.

Tags are phrases or words that would best describe your story that are not part of the available categories. This should help your story become more visible online when someone is searching for a story with the categories same as your tags.

On the Posting Tool page, click on the Pen and Paper icon at the top to open the subpage. Here you’ll find the Categories, Tags, and the Feature Image. (See screenshot)

Nooker only has (1) type of subscription which is the Silver Membership. As a Silver member, you will enjoy the benefits of all the community features we have such as Posting A Story. Click here to know all benefits.

It’s very easy to become a member in Nooker. Just fill out the registration form and activate your account. Click here to Register.

On the homepage you’ll see the latest updates by different authors. You may also go to our Library to find the story that piqued your interest. Click here to go to Library.

Just like your facebook account, here is where you can see all posts made by your friends in Nooker or any member that posts publicly within the community. You can also post your own status here. Click here to go to Newsfeed.

Forums are conversations by different members concentrated on a particular topic. Can’t find the right topic for you, go and create one. Click here to go to Forums.

Just like on facebook, here you can also join other Nooker members that share the same interest. Can’t find the right group for you, go and create one. Click here to Join or Create a Group.

These are the same as badges that you see on Facebook. Nooker intends to recognize active members and reward them.

Coins are your online currency in Nooker. Use it to buy eBooks, private story access, or even Nooker goodies. The best part is, you earn coins for every activity you make in Nooker. The more active you are in Nooker, the more coins you’ll get.

Adding a Friend is simple. You can simply click on the Member’s avatar and it will take you to the Member’s profile. From there you’ll see the option to Ask A Friend Request. Are you looking to add multiple members to be your friend? Just click here to go to our Members Directory.

Click the dropdown arrow beside your username at the top right corner of the screen and click on Profile. This should take you to your Profile page where you can find the options how to change your profile picture and cover photo. (See Screenshots)

We encourage you to make a trailer video for your upcoming stories. Click here to submit a link of your YouTube or Vimeo video so our team can showcase it on our Trailer Videos gallery.

Unfortunately, we haven’t integrated a My Drafts feature yet. We encourage you to draft your stories on a Notepad or Word before posting it in Nooker. Just in case you have accidentally saved a draft and needs a copy of it, click here to put up a request and we’ll email your draft to you.

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