About Us


Nooker is a social networking website where authors, writers, or story tellers of any genre may post their literary work while protecting and monetizing it at the same time. This is also a place for them where they can build their followers and promote themselves as a brand.

Nooker is also a social networking website where anybody who are looking to get entertainment through literary pieces, make new friends, and join discussions or share views about life, love, relationships or anything in between in a discreet fashion.


Nooker has the mission to help literary artists showcase their art works and monetize them in a very unique way. We develop a distinct process of monetization where authors, writers, or story tellers of any genre get to enjoy while doing their passion in writing.

Nooker also has the mission to provide entertainment in a very unique way by rewarding readers and frequent visitors for every engagement they make on the site. Now you just don’t get entertained, but can also win exciting prizes!


Nooker has the vision to be the place of confidence for all literary artists where they can display their stories or novels and make profits with it. Nooker sees this platform where authors can freely engage with their fans and followers and promote their work further.

Nooker also has the vision to be the primary social media platform of any individual who appreciates literary arts where they can freely express themselves without reservations and find other people who share the same passion without the worry of getting judged in the real world.

Meet The Team

Zakaryas Ybanez


Zak is responsible for the entire operations of Nooker. He’s the decision maker for all business actions including sales and marketing.  Currenty he is also acting as the Chief Technology Officer of Nooker.

Harley Samora


Harley is a business partner of Nooker and the creator of the page Mga Kwentong Nakaka-L which was recently acquired by Nooker.



Chelsea is responsible for media resources and marketing materials of Nooker. She is also temporarily in charge for all social media channels of Nooker and search engine optimization.



Pauline is responsible for all events implementations in Nooker. She is the decision maker for all events in the Lounge and the Room including, but not limited to, games and other activities that will engage the members. She also designates specific roles to the moderators of Nooker.

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